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SigmaGreen Live Stock Feeds

Our animal feeds are based on a blend of traditional raw materials & modern technology, resulting in the best possible quality & value for money. The animal feed mills use cereals & fresh wheat feed product from the flour mill, together with quality protein sources.

Almost half the raw materials used in the animal feed mill come from the flour mills on the same site, reducing the need for road transport & minimizing the carbon footprint of the products.

Production of safe high-quality feed and food is of vital importance to us, our concerns on the food chain and the quality of what the animal feeds on have driven the need for even higher quality standards. Animal feeds and feed ingredients are an essential part of the food chain, and play a vital role in the production of safe & healthy foods such as meat, eggs, fish & dairy products.

Our services to consumers include full dairy costings, computerized ration formulation, forage analysis and specialist advice.

Sigma Green

Live feed stock

Quality control is one of the most important functions within our animal feed mill, samples of raw materials and finished products are tested by trained technicians in the onsite laboratory to ensure that all Sigma green feeds meet the strict quality criteria.

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We make a distinctive difference from existing competitors, relying on sources which are natural and sustainable. Our manufacturing partners have ecological and energy efficient manufacturing sites, with insignificant reliance on carbon-based or synthetic raw materials.

We provide safe, reliable and totally traceable products from source through to transport, storage and distribution to end markets. We pride ourselves on transparency.


We adopt a customer-centric approach. The core value of our organization is centred at the satisfaction of our customers. Our team gives the best help and support to our customers.

Customer Focus

We prevent mistakes and defects in the manufacturing of our products and in the deliveries of our services by paying attention to every stage of the processes.

Quality Assurance

Our in-depth market knowledge along with existing supplier relationships allows us to source from the best products from quality suppliers around the world.

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